How to avoid getting scammed online



This is probably one of the most difficult articles I have ever had to write scammers have become even more smarter

Scammers, realise old methods get ‘found out’

and for that reason they have had to design new methods which will hopefully prise money from your hands

Thankfully there are lots of ‘stupid’ scammers out there on the net on this page

I want to talk to you about how you can avoid these scams

• Firstly; never open any attachment in an email, particularly .ZIP and .EXE files, unless you know
exactly who sent them and that you were expecting that particular email message

One of the biggest scams out there is using these types of files to install a ‘key logger’ and trojans

This will basically allow the program to steal your passwords and other personal files whilst you remain blissfully unaware that something is actually happening

• Secoundly you should also avoid clicking links in an email, particularly if they take you to a page that will
ask for your password

If the email appears to be genuine then you can follow and head to that particular
website directly through your web browser

If something looks to good to be true then its most proberbly is, so be careful and dont just open any links

or random attachment this, should give you good cause to believe that a scam is about to occur

Lastly you need to learn how to spot when something is too good to be true that it proberbly is

I also suggest that you undergo a virus removal every so often, preferably undertaken by a professional computer service company

to ensure that there is no software on your computer which could potentially be stealing your data.

This is how-to-avoid-getting-scammed-online stay safe everyone